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September 8th, 2018

2018 Thai Festival | Seattle, WA


Another year has gone by so fast for the Seattle’s Thai Festival. This year, Smile POS  accompanied the community festival.

Thank you the organizer and volunteers for the incredible community event.

See you next year !

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September 9th, 2017

2017 Thai Festival Seattle


Another fun and memorable event for Thai Community in Seattle, WA. Thank you Thai Association of Washington State for organizing such incredible events. We enjoyed the street foods, live music and performance. What a great weekend !

#2017ThaiFestival #SmilePOS  #เพราะเราอยากเห็นทุกคนมีรอยยิ้ม



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June 25th, 2017

30th Anniversary Kampee


Smile POS would like to thank you the organizer for such superb “30th Anniversary Kampee” for all Thai Fans in San Francisco and surrounding area.  It was a pleasure to support our Thai events as always.


‘Til next time


#สุดใจ #SmilePOS #เพราะเราอยากเห็นทุกคนมีรอยยิ้ม#ThaiRestaurantSolutions

30th Anniversary Kampee

June 4th, 2017

2017 Oregon Thai Golf Tournament | First Round


Another year comes with Oregon Thai Gold Tournament. Here are some lively pictures from the first round. We can’t wait to join the final tournament.

Thank you K. Pete and Thai Golf Tournament that gathered this annual event for all Thai golf lovers.

May 18th, 2017

SF Reunion Party TWO-Poptorn & Nop-P.O.P



SmilePOS is honored to be a part of the “SF Two Popetorn and Nop Ponchamni” with 2 special guests, Pod Moderndog and Oong Natasha in San Francisco, CA. Aside from the entertaining part, it was a pleasure to see our Thai community gathered together and enjoy some wonderful evening.

Thank you Khun Su, for organizing such an amazing event. We look forward to be apart of this team again.

Photographer by
Sakrapee Tou Meechukant

April 22nd, 2017

Earth Day At Shelton View Forest 



SmilePOS team had a great opportunity to join Shelton View Forest on Earth Day Celebration at 234th Pl SW trail head in Bothell, WA area. We are glad to be a part of this volunteering Group to help our Community. We had a great day celebrating Earth Day with restoration activities and a guided hike!

See activities pictures and videos on our website.

If you are interested to joint and help in future activities, please visit for more information.

February 3rd, 2017

“About 500 restaurants in the country, including those in California, Florida, Maine, and Oregon, are currently serviced by SmilePOS and Gravity Payments. Three hundred of those are restaurants in Washington.”

“There are a lot of Thai restaurants in the U.S., and we want to help them as much as we can and do business with them to create long-term relationships,” Udompanit said.

“Gravity will set up an account and Smile will get all the equipment ready and go out to the business to do the installation. Gravity attaches the services in equipment and gets the business up and running in a matter of days, or a couple of weeks,” Wagner said.

“What has helped SmilePOS over the years is Udompanit’s ability to work effectively with Thai restaurant owners. When his clients are happy, he’s happy.”

This strongly emphasized our mission “Our Goal is to make you smile – Hands down, the best customer service and support around”

July 17 2016

Smile POS had an opportunity to be one of the Sponsors for “Oregon Thai Golf Tournament 2016”. This event took place at The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club in Oregon. The goal for this tournament is to bring back all the Thai Golfers in the West Coast area to reunite and have a meet and greet. Oregon Thai Golf Tournament is an annual event, and this is the 4th year that this tournament has been running. All members were not only going to compete in golf. But there were other games, prices, and fun activities available for everyone. As well as a Trophy Ceremony and dinner party at Gin Thai Restaurant.
At this tournament we had a chance to meet P’ Ngoa. One of our long time customer who have used and love our POS system.
Meyo: Hello (Sawadee krup), Today Smile POS Team is in Oregon. We are at a Sponsoring Oregon Thai Golf Tournament event. This is a beautiful Golf Course. A perfect day for Golf!

Meyo: Hello (Sawadee Krup) P’ Ngoa – Are you currently using Smile POS?
P’ Ngoa: Yes! My Restaurant is using Smile POS. We have been a customer for 2-3 years now.
Meyo: How do you like it?
P’ Ngoa: Well, before we never used any POS System. We have always used hand ticktes. Then switched to a few different POS Company in the past.
But since we switched to SmilePOS, I find that here is less problem. Before we alwayshave issues about Card Swipe, Internet Connections etc.
With Smile, it’s been great! There is barley any issue at all. We almost never have to call into their call Center.
It’s great! Very good! I highly suggest it,you have to try. It’s a Thai Company as well. Support is in Thai, easy to understand and also able to customize in Thai, right?
Meyo: Yes Yes! In Thai or in English.

P’ Ngoa: It’s very good. Especially for someone who is not fluent in English. Easy for employees who don’t speak English well.
Meyo: Great to use. Recommend to use and let your friend know.
P’ Ngoa: Oh Yes! Of Course!
Meyo: Thank you so much P’ Ngoa, Sawadee krup.
P’ Ngoa: Yes! Sawadee Krub.

Oregon Golf Tournament

It should not be written in stone because you have to adapt and make enter this necessary changes as the business environment changes.